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Senzo Mthethwa
Senzo Mthethwa @Senzosays Wishing all observing Purtassi, a blessed and spiritual month 🙏🏽 Reply Retweet Favourite 17 Sep
Senzo Mthethwa
Senzo Mthethwa @Senzosays Sometimes I read Twitter posts and wonder, is everything OK with you and your life? Perhaps confide in a friend bef… Reply Retweet Favourite 13 Sep
Selina Munsamy
Selina Munsamy @MunsamySelina As a female in sport I always strive to do better. It's a privilege to be a 2021 @Momentum_za gsport Finalist in th… Retweeted by Senzo Mthethwa Reply Retweet Favourite 4 Aug